1. Will the use of remanufactured toner cartridges void my printer warranty?

No. Most printer manufacturers do not recommend the use of remanufactured cartridges, as they have no control over the quality and performance of the product.

Hewlett-Packard states, "The use of remanufactuered toner cartridges alone does not affect either the warranty or any maintenance contract purchased from HP. However, if an HP LaserJet printer failure or printer damage is found to be directly attributed to the use of a remanufactured cartridge (or any other non-HP supply or accessory) the repair will not be covered under the warranty or maintenance contract." See our (Guarantee)

2. Why do printer manufacturers recommend not using recycled cartridges?

Many companies in this business (recycled cartridge products) have no technical background or quality control experience. Their products may be questionable at best and may not equal to new toner cartridges in quality and performance.

Most printer manufacturers are also in the business of selling new toner cartridges and supplies under their brand name. The use of recycled products would decrease profits in this lucrative business.

3. Why don't more businesses recycle?

Many businesses have tried recycled products with poor results. Some even concluded that all recycled products do not work and shouldn't be used. A better conclusion is "Some recycled products are poor in quality." The key is to find a supplier that understands quality and is able to deliver it.

Businesses are often told by their printer service personnel to not use recycled toner cartridges; they have to answer service calls when the cartridge doesn't work or has leaked inside the printer. The key is to understand the service personnel's concern and then find a supplier whose products will not cause the service department extra work.

Some people have the perception that recycled is inferior to new. This simply is not true. At RRC, we replace worn parts and upgrade others in the cartridge, with parts often superior in quality and performance to those in a new cartridge. Why? Because we want your cartridge to last! We aren't building a throw-away product like the OEM suppliers. Our testing and quality control ensure our products are equal to or better than new, quality and performance -- or we won't ship them out the door. See our (Quality Policy)

4. Why do we want your empty cartridges?

Many empty toner cartridge types are in short supply, especially those from popular and newly released printer models. Without your empty we are unable to maintain our finished cartridge pool at a level to guarantee fast service.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) companies are reducing the available empty cartridge pool by placing authorized return shipping tags inside the cartridge box, for free pickup and return of the empty cartridge to them. This is great for recycling (since manufacturers reuse many cartridge components), but the customer would be farther ahead financially remanufacturing the cartridges and selling their extra empties to us for cash or credit.

5. What is the core charge?

A (Core Charge) is a price placed on particular empty cartridges that are required as a return upon buying a remanufactured cartridge, however if you have your core there will be no core charge.Without these cores we would not be able to recycle. See our (Product list for core charge on your type of cartridge)

6. Do you have any additional product guarantees?

"We guarantee that our products will perform to our customer's satisfaction. If not, we will replace the product or refund the money at the customer's discretion."
See our (Guarantee)