Rochester Recharge Company (RRC) was established in the fall of 1996. We have currently incorporated into the New Recharge Networks Inc. (RNI).

Our mission is to keep empty cartridges out of landfills and to resell to consumers at a 40% to 60% savings.

RNI has joined an industry well known for its ability to remanufacture toner and inkjet cartridges in a campaign to keep cartridges out of landfills by providing a better alternative to consumers to recycle their toner and inkjet cartridges.

In this short time RNI has become one of the fastest growing rechargers in New York State. We're situated in a prime location right in the heart of industrious Rochester, NY. RNI has already gone intrastate with an outlet in Buffalo, NY and we plan to go interstate in the near future. We have also acquired more space to increase production. As soon as plans are finalized RNI is expanding into another bay effectively doubling our production area. We have already outgrown the original production floor. I am proud of the fact that the company has grown this fast in two years. We are always evolving, trying to bring the best service and product to our customers. We employ the latest in recharge technology to ensure the best product possible. I hope we can recharge for you!


RNI handles sub-contracting for rechargers and distributors who want their label on our product. We already have accounts with companies that desire this service. We recharge the cartridges and package them in the clients' packaging ready for resale. RNI also buys and sells empty cartridges and surplus stock. Surplus stock is sold through our distribution stores or to other dealers. Call with your list of empties or to see what we have for sale.